Display Cases

Competitive Display Cases

Note: The deadline for competitive display cases has passed. Please consider participating with a non-competitive display case.

Security: There will be CFMS and paid security on the grounds. TWO GUEST PASSES PER EXHIBITOR WILL BE FURNISHED.

Cases: Cases will be assigned space on tables approximately 30 inches high. Exhibits are limited to 150 watts of power per case, and exhibitor must supply a three-prong extension cord to reach the power supply under the tables. (Approximately 10 feet).

Entry Deadline: February 6, 2019

Liability: It is mutually agreed that the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies and the host society shall not be liable to any exhibitor in whole or part. This includes the property of the exhibitor or injury to their person resulting from any cause. Submitting this signed application/certification form for entry constitutes acceptance of these rules and regulations.

Please complete all information on the entry form and this certification form, and mail to the Competitive Exhibits Registration Chairman for acceptance and acknowledgment. An email copy may be sent, but a hard copy is required for entry.

There are not separate application forms for CFMS Supplementary Competition. Fill out this form for the competition you wish to enter. You must fill out a separate application for each entry.

Refer to the AFMS Rules Update to 2018. Download your copy of the rules from www.AMFED.org. If you are uncertain as to the correct class or group you should enter or for clarification of the rules, contact Marion Roberts at mvroberts1@comcast.net or Margaret Kolaczyk at markolaczyk@gmail.com or 209-296-5597.

    • Margaret Kolaczyk
    • 24551 Shake Ridge Road
    • Volcano, CA 95689

Non-competitive Display Cases

We invite all members of CFMS-affiliated societies to participate in the 2019 CFMS Annual Show & Convention in Pomona. If you have an exhibit you would like to display, please fill out this application form by February 25, 2019. All exhibits must be hobby-related. We encourage, but do not require, exhibits in line with our show theme of “California’s Natural Treasures” (for instance, California minerals or fossils, lapidary work using California rocks, an educational display on earthquakes, etc.). Each exhibitor will receive a show pass and one guest pass.

Lighting: Maximum lighting is 150 watts per 4-foot case. (No halogen lights, please!) Bring a 16-gauge, 3-prong grounded extension cord (6 foot length). Set-up will be Thursday, March 7, 2019, from noon until 9:00 pm. All exhibits must be set up on Thursday unless prior arrangements have been made with the Exhibits Chair. Exhibits must remain in place until show closing time at 4:00 pm on March 10, 2019. Neither the CFMS nor Pasadena Lapidary Society, Inc. assumes responsibility for loss or damage to the exhibitor’s property, material, or specimens. Exhibitors must provide their own insurance or assume the risk. Security will be provided throughout the show.

Advance registration for non-competitive display cases is required by downloading the non-competitive form and mailing it to us with payment, if applicable, by February 25, 2019. For questions regarding non-competitive display cases, please contact Jennifer Jang at exhibits@pasadenalapidary.org.

    • Jennifer Jang
    • c/o Pasadena Lapidary Society 2019 CFMS Show
    • PO Box 5025
    • Pasadena, CA 91117-0025