Kids Activities

Treasure Wheel

Spin the wheel. The color it stops on tells you which prize you win. Fast, fun, and rewarding! If the wheel stops on orange, choose ANY prize on the prize board. Players can trade up their winnings: Turn in five prizes for a next-level prize. Then trade in two next-level prizes for a gem tree or a vial of gold leaf. Two spins for a dollar.

Sand Scoop

Dig the scoop into the sand, dig deep! Then empty the scoop into a sieve, watch the sand run out, and discover treasures left behind. Pretty pebbles. Tiny fossils. Silver-colored washers??? If you scoop a silver-colored washer, you get to choose a Silver-level prize. Scoop a gold-colored washer and pick a Gold-level prize. Two scoops for a dollar.

Rockhound Detective Challenge

Ask for a Rockhound Detective Challenge. The answers to all the questions on the list can be found in display cases at the show. Turn in your answers, and if your detective work was good, you get a FREE spin at the Treasure Wheel or a FREE scoop in the Sand Scoop.

Janie Duncan’s Hands-On Rock Table

“Do not touch” may be the rule elsewhere, but at Janie Duncan’s Rock Table kids discover the wonder of rocks for themselves. In the “Look What’s Inside” area, for all ages, you turn over rocks that have been sawed in half for an “X-ray” view of surprising colors and shapes. But look out – one of those specimens is dinosaur poop! The “School of Rock” game is a new feature for 5th grade and up – with question cards and amazing facts about light-bending crystals, glass manufactured by volcanoes, and more. FREE!