Desert Gardens – Gem & Mineral

From Desert Gardens RV Park:

So, do you like rocks?

Do you like shiny things? Natural crystals, raw stones, polished stones, rock jewelry, big rocks, little rocks? Blue rocks, red rocks, sparkly rocks, see through rocks?

Quartzsite is known as a snowbird mecca and RV capitol of the world but it is also known for its rock and mineral shows in January, the Desert Garden Rock, Gem and Mineral show is the one to experience

Often the pieces you’re looking at and purchasing are mined by the guy your buying it from or a close friend/associate. For people who simply ‘like’ rocks, this is a fantastic place to visit. Anything you can think of can be found here and the stories and conversations with people will be worth the chat.

Show Dates: Jan 1 – Feb 28, 2017
Hours: Daily 8-5.
After February 10th, Vendors are transitional.
Admission: Free and open to the public.
No. of Vendors: 147