November 22-25 Field Trip: Afton Canyon

The trip over Thanksgiving is to Afton Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Mohave Desert. It is a fascinating place to explore; there are virtually a thousand places to look for cutting material throughout the region. It is not often you can drive up and down the Mojave River.

If the weather is dry, the sand in the riverbed will support vehicle traffic, and by stopping here and there you may find agates and jaspers in a multitude of colors. If it has rained, it’s best not to drive on the riverbed. There are alternate routes to the quarry at the east end of the canyon. At the quarry, there is what appears to be dolomite and hematite amongst other things – even a geocache.

Our camping area is the group/overflow camping area – on the right, just before going down to the main camping area. Go to the end of the curve. There should be a sign on the fence.

This is a great field trip and is interesting to both novice and seasoned rockhound: the views will surprise and amaze.

Please contact Joe Goetz at 626-260-7239 to RSVP.

Directions to Afton Canyon Head toward Las Vegas on I-15. Go past Field Road and past the rest stop. Get off at Afton Road, turn right, and stay on the road (do notturn on the road that goes off to the right, 20882 county road). It’s a 3.5 mile drive on the dirt road, and once you’re in the hills, slow down a bit. When you can see the main campground below, you are close to the group campground. If you get to the campground by the river, you’ve gone too far. Go back up the road and turn left where you can through the fence, and you are there!