Scam targeting rockhounds!

CFMS sent this notice out to clubs. Please be cautious! Your personal information is valuable!

Dear CFMS Societies,

Warning! It has been brought to our attention that there is a SCAM out there targeting rockhounds. It’s an e-mail with Subject: “2018 Gem and Mineral Show Volunteer Sign Up Invite”, From: “Nancy Howerter” Please ignore it.

As always, when the CFMS sends you an email announcement the subject will always state; CFMS Electronic Communication Announcement: (and title of the announcement).

If you are planning on registering for the 2018 AFMS/EFMLS Show & Convention go to the AFMS website, click on SHOWS, then click on 2018 SHOW. The registration forms for the various events will be there.

Welcome to the new PLS website

Hi, welcome to the new PLS website

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